Clients sometimes ask which credit card I use when they are considering the myriad of options.

Ultimate this, infinite that, gold, silver, platinum… almost endless list of choices.

One of my life philosophies is simplicity, so the obvious choice for me is PC Financial MasterCard.

There is no annual fee and points on all purchases equate to 1% cash back. 

I can redeem my points for a bunch of items from the PC Financial online store, but the best value is using the points to buy groceries at Loblaws.  I shop at Loblaws or No Frills (a Loblaws division) weekly, so as soon as I rack up points I can redeem them.  Just yesterday I got three large bags of king crab legs for the value of my points! 

By being able to redeem for groceries I know that my points will never languish unutilized for months or years and I get real value once a month (every time I pay my monthly MasterCard bill).

So, my card may not be fancy and may not impress anyone when I flash it, but when my family digs into crab legs with melted butter oohing and aahing, the reward is… priceless.

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