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Companies are pulling together to fight Covid-19 in some unexpected ways. For example, this perfume company is producing hand-sanitizer for French hospitals and this Oregon-based distillery is turning its biproduct into a hand-cleaning solution for its customers. There’s always a way to help!

Some companies are even making changes to their policies to make life a bit easier for people in self-isolation. Apple is allowing Apple card holders to skip their March payment without incurring interest charges. This could make a huge difference for people who might be missing out on a paycheck due to the pandemic.

A vaccine for Covid-19 might not be available for a while, but scientists are making huge strides towards a solution. Right now, they’re considering using anti-bodies from people who have recovered from the disease to boost the immunity of those at risk. Apparently early testing in China is showing promising results!

While you’re social distancing, you might as well take advantage of your time at home by learning something new. Here’s a collection of free online courses, audio books, eBooks, movies, and more. Peruse at your leisure!

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