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There are good people all around you – all you have to do is look. This Michelin-starred chef is turning eight of his restaurants into gourmet soup kitchens to help people impacted by Covid-19. Yet another example of someone using their resources to do what’s best for the community as a whole.

Keep this in mind next time you go shopping: Rexall is dedicating the first hour of operation each day to customers age 55 and older and customers with disabilities. This is a step in the right direction to ensure that those most vulnerable to Covid-19 have access to the supplies and support they need during the pandemic. (Thanks to our client RM who shared this with us!)

These talented children from Columbus, Ohio put on a cello concert on their neighbour’s porch to cheer her up while she was in self-isolation. Scroll down the Twitter thread for a short clip of their performance!

Looking for something to entertain your kids and grandkids while you’re all at home? Check out these live animal cams. They’re a great teaching opportunity, and good for the soul for everyone:

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