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Around the world, people are finding all kinds of creative ways to connect with one another as a community while keeping their physical distance. In Canada, people are keeping kids entertained by organizing window scavenger hunts in their neighbourhoods.

In Amsterdam, these apartment building residents turned another evening at home into a fun night out with this impromptu balcony rave. That’s one way to break the monotony of your weekend!

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with your kids education while school is out, here are 5 free resources that will make homeschooling better. From free internet for low income families, to tried-and-true online homeschool curriculums, there’s something helpful here for everyone.

On that topic, if you want to incorporate some interesting documentaries into your child’s homeschooling, this website is offering free documentaries for students of all ages on pretty much every subject. (Thanks to our client RB for sharing this one!)

Did you know that you could qualify for tax savings if you’re working from home during the pandemic? Check out the article for detailed information on who qualifies and how to apply.

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