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Around the world, scientists and engineers are working tirelessly towards a solution to the ventilator shortage, and they’re starting to see results. This team at MIT has figured out a way to make an emergency ventilator for $100 using common hospital items. This is a fraction of the average $30,000 cost to manufacture one of these machines, and if it gets approved, it could save countless lives.

If you like to sew, Michael Garron Hospital has a challenge for you: amid worldwide mask shortages, they’re rallying Toronto sewists to collectively make 1,000 masks per week for use by hospital visitors and patients re-integrated into the community. (Thanks to our client MBS for sharing this with us.)

Every day, healthcare workers put themselves at risk to help others during the pandemic. To help them keep their families safe, this RV company in Alberta is donating trailers for healthcare workers who need to self-isolate to protect their loved-ones from potential exposure to Covid-19. (Thanks to our client RB for sending this one to us.)

Need a little extra boost of hope to get you through the day? This Twitter thread about bread, community, and random acts of kindness will warm your heart. As the author says, “it’s the smallest acts of kindness that can have the biggest impact”.

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