Our weekly “fresh finds” is temporarily renamed “good news of the day”. Each day we will provide you with content that gives you reason to be hopeful and feel more positive about our future.  The future is much brighter than it feels at the moment.

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Here’s something to restore your faith in humanity: Moet, a sweet Persian cat who went blind due to neglect, has not only found a happy, loving home, but has also become a social media star. Her newfound fame is helping her owner raise money to help other rescues just like her through her nonprofit store. Check out the article for Moet’s full heartwarming story and some adorable pictures!

Running out of ideas to keep yourself and your family entertained at home? Pinterest has gathered information on the top DIY trends people have been searching for during the pandemic. Take a cue from the masses and try out some of these creative indoor activities, crafts, and recipes. You may even find something you’ve never heard of before!

Taking care of your mental health is more important now than ever. Check out this free online course from the University of Toronto on managing your mental health during COVID-19. It takes about 3 hours to complete, and it covers everything from anxiety management to explaining physical distancing to your kids. (Thanks to GH for sharing this with us)

It’s been an interesting spring for everyone – even the birds. With traffic at an all-time low in London, ON, this mother robin chose a unique spot to build her nest. Can you guess where it is?

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