Our weekly “fresh finds” is temporarily renamed “good news of the day”. Each day we will provide you with content that gives you reason to be hopeful and feel more positive about our future.  The future is much brighter than it feels at the moment.

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Organizers of a Chatham-Kent food drive pulled off something truly amazing earlier this month: they collected 678,200 pounds of food from community members in one day. Can you guess what the Guinness World record is? Here’s a hint: they broke it! (Thanks to DN for sharing this with us!)

JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, is publishing a new children’s fairy tale online for free. She’s releasing a new chapter every weekday, and here’s the best part: she’s asking children around the world to illustrate the book for her! Check out her Twitter thread for details on how to participate. (Thanks to RB for sharing this with us!)

Do your kids have some energy to burn? The YMCA has a series of fun online exercise classes designed specifically for kids. The tutorials are geared towards helping kids stay engaged in sports and fitness while physical distancing is in effect. Check them out the next time your little ones start bouncing off the walls!

Here’s something to warm your heart: a kid asked his mail carrier to deliver his skateboard to Tony Hawk. Instead, the mail carrier reached out to the famous skateboarder via social media. Check out the article to find out what happened next!

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