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Hoping to shake things up at your next virtual hangout? This Uxbridge-based animal sanctuary is offering to let one of their most popular attractions – Buckwheat the donkey – drop in on your Zoom call. She’s crashed everything from casual hangouts to charity events. Check out the article for more details!

Do you know what a narwhal sounds like? Here’s your chance to find out: marine biologists have assembled a collection of rare recordings of these mysterious sea creatures. The recordings are already contributing to the scientific understanding of the species – check out the link for a very cool video breakdown of the sounds and what they mean.

Here’s something to brighten your day: a school in the US surprised a little girl by including a picture of her life-saving service dog in the yearbook. The sweet gesture meant more to her and her family than they could have expected!

Does this beautiful, sunny weather have you craving ice cream? You’re in luck: here are ten Toronto stores that will deliver ice cream and gelato right to your door. That’s one way to cool down!

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