A fun way to support small businesses in your community, hug tunnels for long-term care homes, a creative online program for all age groups, and a concert for 2300 plants. This week’s Good News.

Looking for a way to help out small businesses in your community? The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has started the #SmallBusinessEveryDay campaign to help small businesses survive and thrive now that they’re starting to reopen. Check out their website for a series of fun daily challenges you can participate in to keep up the support!

After months of physical distancing, this long term care home in Brazil has found a creative way to reunite residents with their loved ones without compromising their safety. The staff has built a “hug tunnel” using a plastic curtain so that residents can hug their families again without risking exposure to coronavirus. 

Here’s some exciting news for drama enthusiasts: Talk is Free Theatre is launching CON-ACT, an online program featuring a variety of creative classes for all age groups. Subjects include musical theatre, playwriting, Shakespeare analysis, and more. Take a look at the article for information on how to sign up!

This opera house in Barcelona reopened for the first time in three months to hold a concert for a very unusual audience: 2300 house plants! Check out the link for a video of the unique performance.

Awww of the week: these whimsical cloud illustrations will make you feel like a kid again.

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