A 6-year-old superhero, a virtual tree-planting app that helps you focus, a cool new social network for gap-year students, and the world’s nicest security guard. This week’s Good News.

Here’s something heartwarming: this brave 6-year-old boy risked his life to save his little sister from a dog attack. Now, his favorite Marvel superheroes are reaching out to help brighten his day. Chris Evans even sent him a personalized video message and a Captain America shield! Check out the article to see who else had some kind words for this real-life superhero.

Do you have a hard time staying focused for long periods of time? This cute app can help keep you on track – and off of social media. Whenever you need to get something done, plant a virtual seed on the app and watch as it gradually grows into a tree while you work. You have to stay focused to keep the tree thriving. What a great incentive!

Do you know any students considering taking a gap year instead of enrolling in virtual classes next year? A cool new social network called Hiatus is in the works that might help make that transition easier. The community is being designed to help gap year students “recalibrate, connect, and grown together”. Interested in becoming one of the first members? Check out the link for more information!

Awww of the week: This supermarket security guard went out of his way to shield an adorable dog from the rain while he waited outside the store.

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