Holographic circus animals, a new blood test for Alzheimer’s disease, the email that saved a news reporter’s life, and how social media helped return an irreplaceable teddy bear to its owner. This week’s Good News.

Did you know that some circuses have come under fire for animal cruelty in recent years? Thankfully, this circus in Germany has started using stunning 3-D holograms instead of live animals in their shows. Some of the holographic acts replicate traditional animal performances, while others defy imagination – check out the article for a video of the spectacle!

Here’s some great news on the medical research front: a promising new blood test is in development that could help spot Alzheimer’s disease years before symptoms appear. The test is currently in the research stage, but experts are hopeful that it could eventually be used for diagnostic purposes. This could be a huge breakthrough in terms of catching and treating the disease.

A concerned viewer may have saved a news reporter’s life when she emailed her expressing concern about a lump on the reporter’s neck. The lump turned out to be cancerous – but thanks to the viewer, they caught it on time. Never underestimate the kindness of strangers!

Here’s the happy ending we all needed to hear: a stolen teddy bear with a recording of a late mother’s last message to her daughter has been returned after thousands of people shared the story on social media. It’s amazing what can happen when people work together!

Awww of the week: That’s one way to make the mail carrier’s day!

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