A clickable happiness calendar for September, three ways to help your kids succeed at distance learning, the impact of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and an interactive sound map for nature lovers. This week’s Good News.

Looking for ways to improve your emotional wellbeing? This clickable happiness calendar is a good place to start. Each day contains a link to a new resource designed to help you process your emotions and connect with what matters, including articles, book recommendations, free online courses, and more. Check out the link to see what’s in store for this month!

If you’ve decided to tackle distance learning with the kids this fall instead of sending them back to school, here’s some great advice from sociologist Christine Carter. She outlines everything you need to know to help your kids succeed while learning from home. Focus, flexibility, and motivation are key!

Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that made the rounds on social media a few years ago? It looks like those videos made a real difference: researchers have developed an experimental new medication that may help slow the progression of ALS, and it’s thanks in part to donations brought in by the social media phenomenon.

Here’s something cool for nature lovers: it’s an open-source, interactive map that lets you listen to the sounds of different woodlands and forests all over the world. The map has hundreds of recordings from over 30 countries, so you can close your eyes and transport yourself almost anywhere with a click of your mouse.

Awww of the week: if this dog is happy, we’re happy.

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