A fun new virtual Halloween experience, a heroic dolphin rescue caught on tape, a free investment webinar, and the best impromptu street-jam session you’ve ever seen. This Week’s Good News.

Looking for a unique way to celebrate Halloween from home? Daydream Toronto has a spooky new virtual escape room just for you. Gather your most trusted confidants and connect over Zoom to solve the puzzles in real time. Spaces for this weekend are filling up fast, so make sure to book soon!

Here’s an inspiring reminder that the world is full of good people: this man went out of his way to rescue a beached dolphin. Check out the Twitter thread for a video of his amazing efforts!

Want to boost your investment knowledge? Sign up for Cidel Asset Management’s 2020 Annual Investment Event. Topics of discussion include the implications of the US election outcome and the post-pandemic investment world. The webinar takes place on November 5th – click the link for more details!

Here’s a feel-good moment for you: what happens when a funky street musician and a shockingly agile dancer cross paths? This amazing video!

Awww of the week: who knew watching wild animals visit a water fountain could be so peaceful?

See you next week!

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