Promising COVID-19 vaccine news, a fun YouTube channel for art lovers, some cool holiday gift ideas for teens, and the happiest audition you’ve ever seen. This week’s Good News.

Here’s something exciting on the COVID-19 front: although it hasn’t been approved as of yet, this vaccine has been showing promising results. Some estimates even have it out as early as next year. We may get back to normal sooner than we think!

Do you love art? Would you love it even more with a good cocktail? Check out Cocktails with a Curator from The Frick Collection. Every Friday, one of their expert curators pairs insights on classic art with a complementary beverage you can make yourself at home. Watch today’s episode here!

Struggling to come up with gift ideas for the teens in your life? Here’s a list of presents they’re guaranteed to love – right in time for the holidays! They’ve even got the teen stamp of approval. 

In the mood for a bit of a happy-cry? This school choir’s amazing Britain’s Got Talent Audition is the most uplifting thing you’ve seen all day. The judges’ reactions are priceless.

Awww of the week: what sharing a bed with two snuggly huskies is like.

See you next week!

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