Maybe it’s trash. Maybe it’s a snack. Or maybe it’ll be the greatest thing to hit the construction industry. Read how Tokyo researchers have developed a way to change food scraps into construction material.

This new device could be the difference between life and death.  Read how REACT can quickly stop bleeding. It’s a quicker and safer alternative to wound packing and its full potential is yet to be discovered.

The ways in which the body heals itself can be truly amazing. But sometimes even our own superpowers need a boost. Read about the Swiss bioengineering machine that can take a small piece of human skin and create a skin graft 100 times larger. It’s called denovoGraft and it’s already being used to treat burn victims.

During the lazy days of summer, it’s nice to hit the pause button and take in our surroundings. Maybe you’ve looked up at the sky and thought that the clouds looked like your childhood dog, or a bird. Well, from July 10 – 25, if you think you’re seeing smiley faces in the sky, it’s not your imagination. Happy Clouds are on a world tour, debuting in Toronto this weekend.   

Well this is certainly cute enough to stop traffic! Watch this mama bear hard at work looking after her cubs. Awwwww.

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