It’s not ESP, but rather decoding brain activity. After a decade of research, neurosurgeon Edward Chang and his team have developed a way for people to communicate even if they cannot speak.  

Never underestimate the younger generation! These high school students came up with a way to allow a disabled dad to safely take his newborn son out for a “walk”.  

Modest to the extreme, this Nova Scotia man says his random acts of kindness are what anyone in the province would do. While it’s tough to speak for so many, it’s certain that the way Matthew Van De Riet responded to this roadside emergency shows what a stand-up-guy he is.

Always quick to point out differences between ourselves and our neighbours to the south, someone came up with the list of snack foods found only in Canada. There are sure to be some on the list you’ve never heard of.

If you’re itching to get on a plane, but don’t want to venture too far, this may be the perfect time to explore within our own borders: Canadian airlines are competing to offer the best possible rates for domestic travel.

A compilation of cute, all within 30 seconds.  Awwwww.

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