If you’ve ever tried to convey disbelief in your electronic communications, you may have used the GIF known as Blinking Guy. The guy behind the GIF is California-based Drew Scanlon. Here he explains how the GIF came to be, and how he has used it to raise $154,000 for the National MS Society.

In Seattle, the Block Project is pairing tiny houses and volunteer property owners with the homeless. The aim is to do more than simply provide a bed to the unhoused, with support available to help participants achieve specific goals. We have a similar initiative underway in Kitchener, Ontario, known as A Better Tent City.

It is estimated that Istanbul has 125,000 stray cats. That’s a lot of felines roaming the city’s streets and parks, and a lot of felines tugging at the heart strings of interior architect Didem Gokgoz. So, she decided to do something about it. Her initiative to provide shelter to the cats was met with little enthusiasm. But after proving its viability, (and getting some media coverage), the demand for her whimsical cat houses was overwhelming.

Prince Edward Island is our country’s smallest province. But did you ever consider visiting the entire island on foot? If you’ve got 32 days to spare, the Island Walk will take you along 700 kilometres of what this tiny island has to offer.   

They named her Chicken. See how some love, guidance and friendship helped rehabilitate this pup. Awwww.


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