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The Award for Best Practice

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Rachel lives her business 60 hours a week. Financial planning gets no time at all.

Business Owner“I know my business inside out. But even working 6 days a week, I always have a long list of ‘nice to do’ items that never get done. Most weeks, financial planning doesn’t even make my radar screen.

“I think about whether my investment mix is right, whether I have enough insurance—all those obvious things. But I also wonder if there are business-specific strategies I could use to reduce taxes and manage risk. And of course, there’s succession planning. I’m still young, but that’s no excuse. I wouldn’t let my managers run without a Plan B.

“Most of all, I want someone I can trust. I need to sit down and make a plan that I can monitor with complete confidence in the people carrying it out.”

Avisor HQ Award        Top 50 2015

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