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April 2010

Some of our clients call us nags and we thank them for the compliment.

Actually, because we believe in complete professional transparency, we tell prospective clients up front that nagging is part of...

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We just received our first electricity bill featuring the new Time-of-Use rates.

Since receiving the details of the new rates a few months ago, in our home...

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It's always exciting when the government delivers a tax saving mechanism to Canadians and one of the most recent tax reducers is the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA).

Thousands of Canadians have...

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Is it a business or a hobby?
One of the advantages of starting a home based business is that you can write off a variety of expenses related to...

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March 2010

 I can't decide what the subject of my first blog entry should be. The indecision has delayed the start of this fabulous blog about all things money. My concerns have...

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