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June 2010

It amazes me that millions of Canadians have billions of dollars invested in Money Market Funds (MMFs) that are earning no interest for all intents and purposes. In fact...

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I was having coffee with a friend recently who has three beautiful daughters age 6 and under. She asked me when I began giving my soon-to-be 11 year old...

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We ask a lot of questions before developing an investor policy statement for our clients and one of them is about their rate of return expectations.

But we don't ask...

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May 2010

Since May 1, 2010, travellers must present proof of health insurance in order to enter the country. Upon arrival, travellers may be required to present an insurance policy, insurance certificate,...

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A client of mine told me that her banker suggested that she might be able to reduce her account service charges if she switched to a "senior's account".  My client was skeptical and...

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Clients sometimes ask which credit card I use when they are considering the myriad of options.

Ultimate this, infinite that, gold, silver, almost endless list of choices.

One of...

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Saving money is simple, but not always easy. 

Saving Money Tip#1 - Cook your meals

If after reading that tip, you are still here, that is a good sign.  For...

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April 2010

I admit it, I love Las Vegas.

The weather, the shows, the restaurants and yes....the casinos.

So how do I reconcile my healthy relationship with, and respect for, money with...

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Some of our clients call us nags and we thank them for the compliment.

Actually, because we believe in complete professional transparency, we tell prospective clients up front that nagging is part of...

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We just received our first electricity bill featuring the new Time-of-Use rates.

Since receiving the details of the new rates a few months ago, in our home...

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