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August 2011

Investors are again wondering what they should do as stock markets decline around the world.

They wouldn’t be wondering if they had a well crafted Investor...

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July 2011

This second entry seeks to further explain how Manulife can offer a package of coverage (life, disability, critical illness) for up to 30% less than if you purchased...

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June 2011

Manulife does a great job of developing products that address gaps in the marketplace, and an equally great job of promoting them. Their latest creation is an all-in-one...

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It is estimated that there are about 150 fee-only financial planners in Canada. That is 150 individuals, not companies. Compare that to the fact that there are over 17,500...

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May 2011

Although kidnap insurance is not new, the risks associated with international business and personal travel have raised both awareness and the need for this little known or understood insurance...

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U.S.citizens continue to have obligations for U.S. tax purposes even though they may be a Canadian resident for many years.

Canada and the U.S. have worked together...

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April 2011

A banker, broker and financial planner walk into a bar. 

They are approached by a fairly inebriated customer who laments the huge tax bill they just learned about from...

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If you are fully disabled for the rest of your working life, the disability benefits within your group medical insurance can easily exceed $1 million over time....

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March 2011

In past blogs I have highlighted how to find an unclaimed bank balance and a missing life insurance policy.

As it turns out, there are millions of...

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This is often the response when I tell clients what it would cost to replace their company group health insurance if they become self-employed or find new...

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