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April 2018

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At some point, you wisely purchased insurance to protect you and/or your dependents from the financial risk of premature death, disability, critical illness, or the need for long-term care.  

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February 2015

It used to be enough for an estate trustee (executor) to provide the Ontario government with their own calculation of the value of an estate when filing for letters probate. ...

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January 2014

Guest post by Jason Allan, Barrister and Solicitor

Yes. The executor has the right to charge a fee or “compensation” for managing an estate. The Trustee Act states: “A trustee,...

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September 2013


                Being appointed executor of a loved one’s Will is an expression of the ultimate trust that person places in you.  Although you may emotionally feel the need to...

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July 2013

  Getting Married


How can getting married be an estate planning mistake?  Well, in most Canadian Provinces, marriage automatically revokes a will made prior to the marriage unless the...

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June 2013

Those who have agreed to act as a Power of Attorney for property may be subject to additional reporting requirements in the future.  If the proposed amendments to the Substitute...

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January 2011

A few Money Insights readers that read the most recent blog regarding searching for unclaimed bank balances asked if there was a similar search service for missing life insurance...

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April 2010

Some of our clients call us nags and we thank them for the compliment.

Actually, because we believe in complete professional transparency, we tell prospective clients up front that nagging is part of...

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