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import_export File Sharing Portal

This is where you can share documents securely with us and vice versa. To access this portal for the first time, we must provide you with your login credentials. If you have a document share, let us know. When adding files to this portal, we will be notified by email that you have done so. Similarly, when we add documents to your file folder for your attention, you will be notified by email. Once a document is retrieved, by us or by you, this file should be deleted. This portal is not intended to be used as document storage.


folder_shared Financial Planning Portal

This is where you will share your cash flow, investor risk profile and net worth details with us for our financial planning work together. When using this portal for the first time, please click the button “I am a new client” to get started.


monetization_on Queensbury Strategies Account Portal

This is where you can view your Queensbury Strategies account balances and transaction history information. To gain access, please contact to obtain your login ID and password.


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