Sleep better

Have Canada’s best financial planning firm looking out for you

Sleep better

Have Toronto’s best financial planning firm looking out for you

Caring for Clients looks after the whole client.

We call this Integrative Financial Planning. Allowing us to help manage the whole financial picture takes trust. We’re willing to earn that trust over time, by being there when you need us, and by dealing with issues most financial planners don’t.

Is a fee-for-service financial planner right for you?

Rona Birenbaum BAS, CFP®, CHFS
Certified Financial Planner®

Pick the Person Most Like You and Start Your Financial Plan:

Ruth | Recent Widow

“Suddenly I’m all alone. I’m looking for someone I can trust.”

Oscar | Selling a Business

“I've had a great run, but it's time to sell my business.”

Garth | Corporate Executive

“Work consumes all my time. I need a personal financial advisor.”

Gord | Pre-Retirement

“I hope to retire in 10 to 15 years. What should I be doing today?”

Richard | Recently Downsized

“I was always in control. Now I need to make the most of my savings.”

Sarah | Busy Professioinal

“Could I be making better use of tax and savings opportunities?”

Caring for Clients also supports:

Busy business owners, recently separated or divorced individuals, newly married couples, aging parents and their children, recent windfall recipients and people just like you.

“We have and will continue to recommend your services to friends, family and colleagues. Honest and integrity are the hallmarks of your service – please keep up the excellent work!”

Judy & Robin McLeod

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