Downsized Exec

VIDEO: Helping Downsized Executives

Richard is out of work for the first time in 15 years. He has lots of questions.

“This is completely new for me. I hope to find something soon, but I have to be realistic in this economy. It could take longer than I plan. Meanwhile, my main questions are: How can I stretch my severance, and are there ways to reduce taxes in my situation?”

“It’s also a good time to see whether my savings are well invested. I hadn’t really focused on how my portfolio was performing. It was really just a place to park extra cash. But everything seems more important now.”

“I guess I really need a comprehensive plan. Everything from budgeting to cash flow. And since I’m feeling a little off-balance, I need someone who will take the time to lay everything out, someone I feel comfortable with.”

Find out what makes Caring for Clients so special in the short video above.