Mature man

How we help clients prepare for retirement

There is a tsunami of Canadians approaching age 65, which has historically been the traditional retirement age. Many of these Canadians are worried about if their money will last in retirement; they don’t know if they’re on track to achieve financial independence when they stop working. This worry is understandable. It takes more money to provide financial security that it did in previous generations. Increased longevity and the ability to live actively (in good health) for longer are the two primary reasons.

Some Canadians have resigned themselves to the idea that they’ll never retire in the conventional sense. Others want to retire as soon as possible, but they don’t know how to assess if they can afford to. Some want to continue working, perhaps by transitioning to a new role with more income variability.

In all cases, comprehensive financial planning is a powerful process. It clarifies what is financially feasible. We help clients assess their future capacity for asset accumulation and the kind of lifestyle that their current and future assets can support. Financial planning brings the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. This clarity provides substantial peace of mind and is a key step in actively planning for this new life phase.