VIDEO: Planning for Retirement

Gord is 15 years from retirement. Here’s what’s on his mind.

“I’ve had my savings parked in mutual funds for 20 years. I have no idea whether the asset mix makes sense for someone in my situation. And what will my retirement look like, especially if inflation picks up again? What should I be doing now to prepare?”

“I wonder about other things, too. How much of their university costs should our kids contribute? Do I need more life and health insurance? And who will help my wife manage her finances if I die first?”

“I’d like to talk to someone who understands my wife and me as individuals. Someone we can count on for advice. The people who call from the mutual funds sound nice. But they don’t know us. Plus, they sound younger than my kids.”

Find out what makes Caring for Clients so special in the short video above.