Busy Executive


Why would a corporate executive need a financial planner?

It’s mostly about time.

Between a busy work schedule and family demands, financial planning often falls to the bottom of the to-do list. For some executives, strategic financial planning is a major component of their workday. As a result, they aren’t interested in managing every aspect of their personal finances during their limited down time.

At Caring for Clients, we act as a family CFO. Corporate executives understand the value of this delegation. We become an important family resource for financial advice. For couples, we include both spouses in the financial planning process and facilitate regular meetings, which are often the only time couples discuss money issues.

Many of our clients have excellent financial knowledge, but they don’t take the time to apply this knowledge for their own personal benefit. Their work gets most of their time and attention.  We make sure an executive’s personal finances get the time and attention they deserve.