Busy Executive

VIDEO: Busy Executives and Financial Planning

Garth is a busy executive. He needs a plan and help to stay on it.

“Things have happened for me faster than I expected. I love my job—and I’m told I’ve got a great benefits package. But to be honest, I’ve never taken time to read the details.

“My wife Jennifer works too. So between us our annual income is very good. We’re smart enough to want to save now—to give us future flexibility, or in case something happens to me. We’d like to optimize our planning and investing, but neither of us has the time. Right now, our affairs are pretty scattered.

“The ideal solution would be for someone to organize us financially. We need to know where everything is, and Jennifer and I need to be equally involved. The big thing is to find someone we can trust completely. Of course, paying less tax would be nice, too.”

Find out what makes Caring for Clients so special in the short video above.