Selling Your Business

VIDEO: Helping Business Owners Sell and Retire

Don’t sell your business without us!

Even approaching retirement, most business owners are wrapped up in running their business. Retirement is a hazy fog, deep in the distance. 

It’s not just a series of transactions

You may not think of calling on your financial advisor when you decide to sell. Yet other professionals – lawyers, accountants – often approach the sale as a transaction. And it’s more than that! Your goal is huge. To move from running an active business, to being fancy-free – with money in the bank. 

Envision, before you begin to plan 

Together, we’ll look at the whole picture:

  • What funds will you need – what assets will deliver the retirement you plan for? 
  • What role will the value of your business play in your retirement? 
  • How will it fund what you want to do for the rest of your life? 

Our resources in tax, corporate law, and business operations help you answer these questions, to provide a solution for your personal and financial future. 

Our experience? 

We get you more money for your business, with the bonus of a more enjoyable process. And you come out with a solid plan for the next stage of your life.

Find out what makes Caring for Clients so special in the short video above.