Services and Fees

“My parents met with Rona and immediately made the decision to hire her as their financial planner. They felt that they would be very well taken care of.

There are many financial advisors out there – it’s a jungle – but rest assured that if you hire Rona Birenbaum it will be the best financial decision you make.”

Michael Marmur


Initial Consultation

In a nutshell: Discussion of your current finances, expenses, and plans

Big value:
  • Look at all aspects of your financial life with an objective expert
  • Get a clearer view of where you are – highlight gaps and issues and hear ideas as to how you might address them – encourages you to clarify and/or refine your goals
  • Leave the meeting better informed
We deliver: 
  • A clear-eyed, high-level view of where you are financially, based on years of experience
  • An overview of how we’ll partner with you.
  • Complimentary

Comprehensive Personal Plan – for Individuals and Couples

In a nutshell: Integrated review of your finances, expenses, and plans. Includes evaluation and comprehensive recommendations, with multiple scenarios

Big value:
  • Clarity – you know precisely where you are and what you need to do to meet current and future goals
  • Commitment – studies show that a clear plan and a commitment to implementing plan-driven recommendations are strongly correlated with savings success
We deliver: 
  • Integrated advice – Decisions in one area have a ripple effect on another. For example, an insurance broker might recommend an insurance plan that makes sense in isolation, but is not optimal in the context of the bigger picture. Ditto for an investment advisor, tax accountant, estate lawyer etc.
  • We act as the quarterback, driving strategy to achieve your life goals, incorporating all aspects. Studies indicate1 this provides not only peace of mind, but more room for fun:81% of Canadians with a comprehensive financial plan feel on track with their financial affairs, vs. 44% with no plan
    • 65% of Canadians with a comprehensive financial plan said they would have enough money for splurges, vs. 31% with no plan
    • An aligned approach from a variety of resources; all professionals work together to serve your broader needs
  • Cash flow management
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Risk management
  • Education planning
  • Elder care planning
  • Investment planning

1Results of a three-year study conducted by the Financial Planning Standards Council and the Financial Planning Foundation

  • $4,500 for most (higher in certain instances, if there is particular complexity)

Comprehensive Financial plan for Business Owners

In a nutshell: Additional expertise for clients with additional complexities. Making sense of all the financial aspects of your business. Integrating the unique needs and concerns of a business owner.

Big value:
  • Comprehensive – more services offered for amount paid. More information and advice for the business owner
  • Complications – perfect for financial planning requiring more involvement and particulars
We deliver: 
  • Planning for the more complicated cases – incorporated operating companies, holding companies, family trusts and more
  • Considerations for compensation strategies, business succession planning, shareholder agreement funding and estate planning consideration
  • Integrating the specific and unique needs of every business owner
  • Compensation strategies
  • Business succession planning
  • Shareholder agreement funding
  • Estate planning considerations
  • $6,500 for most (higher in certain instances, if there is particular complexity)
  • Thinking of scaling up? We’re happy to offer a credit if you go initially for the individual plan and subsequently find you want more

Retirement Planning

In a nutshell: Discover the most tax-efficient, worry-free approach to ensuring a secure retirement

Big value:
  • Get answers to all your big questions on retiring:
    • When?
    • How much will I need?
    • Can I afford to give my kids a gift and still retire comfortably?
We deliver: 
  • Advice that details a number of scenarios illustrating your best approach to retirement
  • Assessment on all your retirement options, e.g. partial retirement, potential downsizing
  • Multiple scenarios
  • Answers to your most pressing retirement questions
  • $2,500 for most (higher in certain instances, if there is particular complexity)

Insurance Planning

In a nutshell: Develop a strategy to manage risk while growing wealth, tax-efficiently. Identify coverage gaps and the major risks to financial security; find strategies to get better value for premiums paid

Big value:
  • Manage risks – disability, death, critical illness – while building your wealth
  • Grow your wealth efficiently in order to leave a larger estate for your loved ones, and/or meet philanthropic goals
We deliver: 
  • How to manage insurance as a defensive strategy
  • Identifying wealth-building opportunities when you have more money/assets than will be required in your lifetime
  • Assessing the merits of existing insurance policies
  • Identifying the major risks to financial security
  • Identifying coverage gaps and strategies to get better value for premiums paid
  • Presenting options that align needs, objectives and budget
  • $1,500 for most (higher in certain instances, if there is particular complexity)

Investment Planning

In a nutshell: Educational, second-opinion service. Analyze your portfolio composition. Identify gaps. Develop an Investor Profile Report.

Big value:
  • Education on the implications of portfolio restructuring
  • Full analysis of portfolio composition, asset allocation, returns and fees
  • Identify gaps between current portfolio and personal profile
We deliver: 
  • Help you understand the range of investment implementation options available in the marketplace – wealth manager, investment counsellor, robo-advisor, DIY, etc.
  • Professional opinion on the optimal structure for you
  • Implications of portfolio restrictions – cost, taxes, administration, regulatory


  • Portfolio analysis
  • Develop Investor Profile Report
  • Identify gaps and problems in portfolio
  • $1500, for most (higher in certain instances, if there is particular complexity)

Estate Planning

In a nutshell: Educational service, designed to help you overcome obstacles so you can make the decisions you need to develop an estate plan

Big value:
  • Evaluate the impact of taxes on your estate; learn practical ways to minimize
  • Learn how to make your estate planning as smooth as possible
We deliver: 
  • A referral to a qualified estate lawyer (if required)
  • Preparation for meeting your estate lawyer
  • Estate Planning Workbook to capture all information your executor will require to fulfil their duties
  • Help in understanding the decisions that need to be made to develop your estate plan
  • Understanding decisions that go into developing an estate plan
  • Evaluate the impact of taxes on your estate
  • Overcome estate planning obstacles
  • $1,500 for most (higher in certain instances, if there is particular complexity)

Hourly Consulting

In a nutshell: By-the-hour service designed to deliver the information, answers and advice you need, in the most cost-effective manner

  • Review and build on an existing financial plan, rather than develop a new one from scratch; discover any gaps, new requirements, or critical changes
  • Get answers to specific questions without the need for a more comprehensive plan
  • $300 per hour

Wealth Management

In a nutshell: Execution of your investment plan, once complete (minimum investment: $500,000)

Big value:
  • Seamless advice and service – investment strategy dovetailed with the cash-flow, tax and retirement plan we have developed together
We deliver: 
  • Integrated investment advice and ongoing financial planning
  • Annually:
    • $0 – $500K is 1%  (Minimum annual fee of $5,000 plus HST)

    • Next $500K – $1 million is 0.75%

    • Next $1 million – $1.5 million is 0.65%

    • Next $1.5 million – $2 million is 0.50%

    • Next $2 million – $3 million is 0.40%

    • Next $3 million – $4 million is 0.30%

    • Next $4 million and up is 0.20%

    • Plus a $200 annual trustee fee for accounts in excess of $100,000.

  • Once the financial planning engagement is complete, no further hourly fees for ongoing comprehensive financial planning
  • Product costs:
    • Your product fees depend on the products needed to achieve your investment objectives
    • Actively managed portfolios (i.e. investment counsellors, f class mutual funds) have embedded fees that typically range from .4% to 1%
    • ETFs range from .05% to .85%
    • GICs and annuities do not have embedded management fees.  A sales commission is factored into the yield of the product

Rona Birenbaum is a certified Financial Planner and is licensed to do financial planning. Rona is registered through separate organizations for each purpose and as such, you may be dealing with more than one entity depending on the products purchased. Rona is registered through Caring-for-Clients for financial planning services. Financial Planning is not the business of or under the supervision of Queensbury Strategies Inc. and Queensbury will not be liable or responsible for such activities.