Some of our clients call us nags and we thank them for the compliment.

Actually, because we believe in complete professional transparency, we tell prospective clients up front that nagging is part of our job. 

As a result, 95% of our clients have well crafted Wills and Powers of Attorney.  We know how important these documents are for individuals of any age and our value as advisors is diminished if this piece of the financial plan is not completed. 

So we nag.

We even draft up instructions and deliver them to the lawyer for review and discussion with the client if that will move things along.  Whatever it takes, really.  It is just not good enough to think that our responsibility ends when the recommendation to get Wills and Powers of Attorney completed is given.  We know that human nature often puts this task at the bottom of the “to do” list.

So what about the 5% who don’t have these documents complete yet?  Well, we are still nagging them… !! 

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