How to conquer social anxiety around the holidays, a guide to ethical decluttering in Canada, some tips for building successful gingerbread houses, and a list of author-recommended books for your kids. This week’s Fresh Finds.

Do holiday parties make you want to melt into the floor and disappear? Here’s a great piece on conquering social anxiety this time of year.

You never know what kind of struggles people are facing. But, as this article says, “Inside of every struggle is the seed of some of the happiest moments of your life”.

Planning to craft a gorgeous gingerbread mansion to impress all of your holiday guests? Here are some tips from an expert. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to make something like this!

For those of you who are downsizing or simply trying to get rid of all your extra stuff in a meaningful way, here’s a guide to ethically decluttering in Canada.

If you’re running out of books to read to your kids, here are some thoughtful recommendations from author Matt de la Peña.

Awww of the week: A happy little goat.

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