How to talk to anyone, what puts the “super” in superfood, five mistakes that kill your productivity, and why exercise is good for your brain. This week’s Fresh Finds.

Did you know that you’ll get better results if you consider your audience (your kids, your parents, your boss, or that stranger at the party) before opening your mouth? Here’s some expert advice on how to talk to anyone.

Looking to sharpen your intellect? It’s no secret that exercise is good for your physical health, but did you know that those aerobics classes work out your brain, too?

Is there really such a thing as a superfood? This article weighs the evidence.

Are you stressed out by how little you accomplish in a work day, even when you feel you’ve been busy? Here are five mental mistakes that kill your productivity.  Are you making any of them?

Awww of the week: This majestic horse.

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