A list of evil tech companies, important information about your child’s passport, some stunning under-water photography, and insights on depression and anxiety from an expert.

When it comes to tech companies, controversy is definitely not in short supply. From privacy concerns to potential cyber-attacks, here are the 30 most dangerous tech companies ranked by the people who know. Can you guess #1?

If you’re interested in seeing nature from a fresh new perspective, check out the winners of the 2019 ocean art underwater photo contest. Some of these creatures look like they belong on another planet!

Chances are, you or someone you love has struggled with depression or anxiety at some point. Here’s a powerful Ted Talk about why these mental health issues are on the rise– and some steps we can take to make the modern world a happier place.

Do you have a young child? Keep this important passport information in mind when travelling abroad with your little ones. It could save you a little bit of money and a LOT of hassle. 

Awww of the week: A lazy game of fetch.

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