Home rental suites and the CRA, the psychology behind procrastination, why investing seems easy from the outside looking in, and some advice on conflict resolution from an expert. This week’s Fresh Finds.

Do you have a hard time forcing yourself to work towards goals that are important to you, even when you know time’s running out? This article can help you get to the root of that procrastination problem. Here’s a hint: time management has little (if anything) to do with it.

Considering renting out the basement of your family home for some extra income? Before you post that rental ad, check out this important info about home rental suites and the CRA. It could stop you from losing valuable tax savings when you sell that home down the line.

As Jeff Immelt said, “Every job looks easy when you’re not the one doing it.” When it comes to investing, here are 6 different kinds of “easy” to watch out for. Make sure you don’t fall into any of these traps!

Are you constantly fighting the temptation to try and time the market, even though everyone is telling you it’s a bad idea? Here’s why market timing can be so appealing – and why it rarely works.

It’s impossible to get along with everyone 100% of the time, but never fear, mediator Jeanette Bicknell is here with an insightful video that can help you resolve any conflict. This week’s focus is intent/impact assumption. Wondering what that means? Check it out!

Awww of the week: A rebellious youngster breaking curfew.

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