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Here’s some great news for the planet (and everyone who lives on it): scientists predict that if we take the right measures, we’ll be able to undo the damage we’ve done to our oceans through pollution and overfishing within the next thirty years. That’s definitely something to be optimistic about!

When the coronavirus crisis is over, your memories of this time (and your own reactions to it) may not be as reliable as you think. Check out this piece to find out why journaling can be a powerful tool when dealing with stressful times – and how writing down your thoughts and feelings now could help you deal with new situations in the future.

Looking for a more intellectually stimulating way to spend your time? Take a break from Netflix with these five free online activities recommended by BBC arts editor Will Gompertz. Who needs to go outside when you can immerse yourself in art and culture right from your sofa?

Here’s something for the kids: Dolly Parton’s Imagine Library is premiering “Goodnight with Dolly”, a bedtime story series designed to help kids and families cope with social isolation. What a great way to spend time together as a family!

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