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If you’re looking for an opportunity to gain valuable skills for the workplace during lockdown, check out this virtual, pay-what-you-can training program. It’s designed to help you develop new skills at a price you can afford, even if that means the course is free. It has classes on everything from office administration to graphic design!

Are you having a hard time keeping up with your credit payments due to COVID-19 layoffs? Take a look at this helpful guide from Credit Canada. It offers some practical advice for approaching creditors about your financial situation and hopefully obtaining some kind of debt relief during the coronavirus pandemic.

Feeling cooped up at home? Check out The New York Times’ guide to the best online presentations from the world’s leading art palaces and picture galleries. They’ll let you explore a world of art and culture right from your living room. They’ve got suggestions for kids and adults alike!

Looking for new ways to entertain your toddler without relying on screen time? This Twitter thread has you covered – it has dozens of creative ideas from parents to help you keep your little ones occupied. Who knew cardboard boxes and toilet paper tubes would come in so handy!

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