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A few weeks ago, we shared a story about a WWII veteran who raised upwards of £28 million for the National Health Service by walking laps of his back garden. Now, this 6- year-old boy with spina bifida has taken up the mantle by walking 10 metres a day to raise money in support of health-care workers fighting coronavirus. Check out the article to find out how much he’s raised so far!

Here’s a much needed reminder that the world is still full of innovators: researchers at Batelle Memorial Institute have created biotechnology capable of restoring movement and a sense of touch in people with paralysis. This is a groundbreaking discovery that could change countless lives for the better!

Did you know that Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment has turned Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena into a giant kitchen during the COVID-19 pandemic? Their goal is to prepare and deliver 10,000 meals per day to front-line health care workers as well as the city’s most vulnerable people. What an amazing way to give back in this difficult time. (Thanks to RB for sharing this with us!)

If you’re starting to lose hope that things will ever go back to normal, keep this in mind: New Zealand has begun a gradual exit from the coronavirus lockdown now that community transmission in their country has ceased. The end is in sight if we all continue to play our parts!

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