Our weekly “fresh finds” is temporarily renamed “good news of the day”. Each day we will provide you with content that gives you reason to be hopeful and feel more positive about our future.  The future is much brighter than it feels at the moment.

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Disappointed that High Park is closed to visitors this year while the cherry trees are in bloom? No need to worry:  the city has multiple virtual cherry blossom experiences planned so that you can enjoy the view from home. There’s even a 24-hour BloomCam so that you can check in on the blossoming trees any time!

Need an excuse to eat more fries? Here’s one for you: apparently, more than 200 million pounds of potatoes from Canadian farmers are at risk of going to waste due to COVID-19 restaurant closures. Time to support local farmers and order up, everyone!

Here’s some great news for the environment: Sweden has closed its last coal-fired power station two years ahead of schedule. This is a huge clean energy milestone for Sweden, as they continue to work towards a system based entirely on recycled and renewable energy. Hopefully one day we’ll all get there!

On the lookout for something light-hearted to boost your mood today? Check out the most recent episode of Some Good News with John Krasinski. This week’s show features a star-studded virtual potluck. Tune in for some fun conversations, a couple new recipes, and (of course) more good news!

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