The “end of history” illusion, how cheaper vaccines can help interrupt the cycle of poverty, the cat who hitched a lift on a world-wide tour, and a heartwarming surprise for someone who deserves it. This week’s Good News.

Think you’ve done all the growing and changing you’re ever going to do in life? Think again. This fascinating video explains our tendency to view ourselves as finished products at every stage – and why this simply isn’t true for most of us. Never underestimate your capacity for change.

Here’s some truly great news from the world of medicine: the price of the pneumonia vaccine has dropped by 43%. Not only will the reduced price make the life-saving vaccine more accessible to the children who need it the most, but it’s also an important step towards interrupting the cycle of poverty. Check out the article to find out more.

This man quit his job to travel the world on his bike and picked up an unexpected four-legged friend along the way. The intrepid feline explorer has tagged along with him halfway across the world, and they’re not stopping yet! Click the link for some adorable pictures of their travels. 

Here’s something that will warm your heart: these school children and their bus driver surprised a woman who waves at them every morning as they pass her house with a sweet message for her 93rd birthday. What a thoughtful gesture!

Awww of the week: capybaras enjoying a hot spring.

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