A hilarious online soap opera, a new time-travel tool from Merriam-Webster, a support program for pet owners during the pandemic, and how random acts of kindness can improve your health. This week’s Good News.

Starting to feel the mid-autumn blues? This mini online soap opera from the Stratford Festival is exactly the kind of ridiculous escape you need right now. Dive into the mad-cap comedy for four minutes of your favourite soap tropes – with a hilarious twist!

You can learn a lot about the past by the new words that were added to the dictionary in a given year. Want to find out what was going on the year you were born? Check out this cool new tool from Merriam-Webster.

Do you know someone struggling to care for their pet financially due to COVID-19? Toronto Animal Services has started a new program to support pet owners from low income households affected by the pandemic. Check out the article for information on how to apply.

Did you know that performing acts of kindness for others can boost your own health and happiness? This article breaks down the research. Keep on paying it forward – for your own good!

Awww of the week: These grandparents came up with a creative way to stop their grandchildren from getting lonely at the bus stop, and it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

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