How to explain socially distanced holidays to your kids, a hilarious musical tribute to 2020, the company building backyard skating rinks in the GTA, and an exciting virtual tour of Egypt. This week’s Good News.

Looking for a gentle way to explain to your kids why the holidays are so different this year? This song from the Gisele Mishmash will help you teach your little ones how to have fun and celebrate safely this holiday season.

Broadway fans will love this: Jimmy Fallon’s hilarious musical ode to the craziest year in recent memory is the perfect way to cap off 2020. Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine!

Starting to miss your favourite winter activities now that community rinks are closed? Never fear – if you live in the GTA, you can hire this 22-year-old entrepreneur in Toronto to build you a skating rink in your very own backyard. Grab your hockey sticks, everyone!

Ready for the next stop on your virtual world tour? On December 27th, tune in to this exhilarating journey through Egypt to experience the pyramids, sail down the Nile, and more – all from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Awww of the week: the most majestic dog you’ve ever seen.

See you next week!

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