The incredible ways exercise can benefit your brain, the meme that raised over a million dollars for charity, a new app for students looking for casual work, and five hilarious Toronto-based podcasts to brighten your day. This week’s Good News.

Did you know that regular exercise can help prevent conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia? Check out this article to find out the other amazing effects exercise can have on your brain – and how you can stay motivated to work out even when it’s the last thing you want to do.

Remember that Bernie Sanders inauguration meme we mentioned a couple of weeks ago? Apparently, the senator has used his viral image to help raise over $1.8 million for charity – and he’s not the only one! Check out the article to see some of the creative ways people have been using the internet sensation for good.

Here’s something useful for the students in your life: it’s an app designed to connect students looking for work with homeowners in need of services like lawn care and tutoring. It allows them to choose their own schedules and work around their classes, and it might just be the best possible solution for students hoping to earn an income without compromising their studies.

Looking for a fun new podcast to listen to? These five Toronto-based shows are guaranteed to make you laugh. We could all use a little dose of humour in our lives right about now.

Awww of the week: playful pandas frolicking in the snow.

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