How Stephen Colbert and Tom Hanks saved a small town bookstore, the best app for walking-meetings, a milestone for the environment, and Hungary’s amazing musical road. This week’s Good News.

Here’s a heartwarming story featuring two of your favourite comedians: Stephen Colbert and Tom Hanks teamed up to help save this small bookstore with a hilarious big-budget Super Bowl ad – and it worked! Check out the article to find out how the bookstore is doing today (and to watch the ad if you missed it on TV).

Are endless virtual meetings doing a number on your daily step-count? This great app may be just the solution. It’s called Spot, and it allows you to schedule audio-only walking meetings with your colleagues so that you can stay active and productive at the same time. It even takes meeting notes for you so that you don’t have to!

Here’s some great news for the environment: Maersk, the biggest container shipping company in the world, has announced that it will be running its first carbon neutral ship by 2023. Let’s hope other companies follow their lead!

A singing road might sound like something out of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but we promise you, it’s very real! This whimsical road in Hungary plays music when you drive over it. Can you guess which song it plays?

Awww of the week: this adorable cat models glasses and eyepatches so that kids feel more comfortable wearing them. Check out the article for some great photos and anecdotes of Truffles the Kitty.

See you next week!

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