You don’t have to be a hard core fitness buff to appreciate the marriage of technology and wellbeing. Norwegian firm Motitech has brought the stationary bike phenomenon to the elderly, allowing cyclists to pedal along the streets where they spent their childhood or young adulthood. The end result is both mental and physical stimulation for seniors.  And Motitech isn’t the only firm finding a way to engage with our aging demographic. Read who else is finding ways to make technology more accessible and beneficial to octa- and nonagenarians.

Tired of fast fashion and the toll it takes on the environment, Toronto designer Luc Houle has designed a shoe out of biodegradable materials that will one day grow into an apple tree. Ingenious! Heeere’s  Johnny . . . . .

Many people use the excuse, I’m too old to [fill in the blank]. In some cases, it may be true. The good news out of Harvard is that neither genes nor age dictates the health of our brain.  We can choose habits that boost our brain power at any age.

It was a simple aha moment that inspired this fashion/communications student to launch a line of braille clothing that is functional, fashionable and inclusive. Learn the story behind Aille Design.

They’re not so big and scary. They just want to take in their surroundings like the rest of us. Awwww. 

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