Imagine this pet owner’s surprise when the family’s newly acquired puppy started “digging for treasure” – and literally struck gold!

Japan – and Toronto’s High Park – have the cherry blossoms. But Holland has tulips. And at this time of year that’s what Dutch locals and tourists alike want to see. With images like this, who can blame them.

April showers bring May flowers, but they apparently also give rise to random acts of kindness.

He’s got a reputation for being lazy, but there’s more to George than meets the eye. Deep down he’s an old softy who values those he cares about, and the routines they share.

He may only be 9 years old, but this well-spoken, big-hearted boy knows what matters. Learn about his ongoing efforts to support his local animal shelter.

It’s not just animals that are cute. Our young humans can also make us say Awwwww.       

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