There is a wide variety of hand-held, grab-and-go sandwiches available to those who like to sample different cuisines. While all are tasty in their own right, they are also pretty messy; best eaten at home, or only by those who travel with a change of clothes. Fortunately, these engineering students are trying to make it easier to enjoy these drippy indulgences with the introduction of tortilla tape.  

There’s certainly something to be said about a home-cooked meal. That’s why Sicilian native Peppe Corsaro has the featured meals at his London restaurant prepared by Italian mothers and grandmothers, each of whom offer the culinary treats of their region for a 3-month period. 

If you’re a dog owner, or know someone who owns a dog, you’re likely aware that dogs don’t like thunder. But have you ever awoken during a storm to find an unfamiliar canine in your bed?  This couple has.

So much of our TV and film content comes out of the US (and further abroad). But a lot of our faves are made by our very own. Check out The 25 Best Canadian Movies Ever, sourced by one of our very own clients.

They’re like a modern-day Tom and Jerry, only better. Awwwww.        

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