November is a time to remember. While the red poppy is the universal symbol to honour fallen soldiers, this year, retired doctor and beach artist Clair Eason, led a team of volunteers who created a beautiful, albeit very temporary, beach mural to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Complete thirty acts of kindness, before his 30th birthday. That is what Bryan Tsiliacos set out to do. Here, we can see one of his many good deeds.  

Food insecurity. Inflation. Shrinkflation. Looming housing costs. It can be hard for people to survive these days. Enter Unisoap, a not-for-profit giving a second life to hotel soaps, and dignity to those who are struggling. In case you’re curious, this video may give you a better idea of how the organization works. It’s French, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Winter has come early this year. The warm weather that draws us out to patios is done for 2022, but not all diners have to move indoors. Here’s one Toronto restaurant owner who created a four-season patio complete with live trees and heated floors. 

Meet The Boss of Banff National Park. Maybe not so much awwwww, but definitely awe-inspiring.    

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