A visit to his local dog park inspired BC resident Daniel Fine to launch the Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund. The mission of this non-profit is to rescue and care for the hundreds of thousands of homeless animals in Ukraine, and ultimately to stop the growth of the population.

Do you realize that surgeons around the world all wear blue scrubs? It’s not a united fashion statement; there’s a good reason why blue is the colour around the operating table.

The Stratford Festival continues to rebuild after Covid kept audiences way. Like so many others, the Festival had to pivot. Their answer was to offer a monthly subscription that allows an at-home audience to view highlights from past seasons. 

Europe calls it land art.  By any name it’s an awe inspiring example of creativity and stick-to-itiveness.

Well-spoken preschoolers are pretty cute. Their confidence makes us stop and listen. This young lady takes it a step further, clearly demonstrating the Italian speaking style (English translation included). Awwwwww  

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