Thanks to the work of Drs. Michael Lang and Melanie Martin, a new intraoperative MRI system is making its way into the international market and improving the standard of care for patients. Conceived and developed in Winnipeg, the ground-based system is user-friendly, affordable and relatively quick to install in hospitals.

Chinese scientists, inspired by the Namaqua chameleon’s ability to change its colour to regulate body temperature, have developed a colour coating that will change as temperatures fluctuate.  The idea is to use the coating on building exteriors to help control temperature, without the need to burn fossil fuels.

Remember Y.M.C.A. by the Village People? It’s back! A Canadian indie band has reinvented the song, with a focus to raise awareness about youth mental health.

Carrefour, a French grocery retailer, is warning shoppers about shrinkflation by placing signs next to products that have scaled down in size, but not price.  But this isn’t just a public service: Carrefour is hoping their actions will cause the big-name manufacturers to re-think their pricing structure.

Clouded leopards are nocturnal predators. Sounds scary; but as kittens,  Awwwwww.

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