A South Carolina beach town is installing amber-coloured street lighting to help lead turtle hatchlings to the ocean, instead of the road.  

You’ve heard of a house of cards, but have you heard of a house of bottles? It’s a quick build, energy efficient and can be found in Meteghan River, Nova Scotia.

Whos’ Paul? That’s the question asked around Bathurst, New Brunswick of late. One business owner wanted to have a bit of fun and the whole community got involved.

A staff member at the Gothenburg library accidentally left a door open. Instead of the library being vandalized, it was business as usual, and a testament to the power of community and the value they place on their local library.

When a canine is too friendly to serve as a guide dog, he gets a job as a hotel lobby greeter, naturally!  

It’s a new take on follow the leader: Awwwww.  

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