“It started as a way to stave off boredom when Covid 19 kept us behind closed doors. But a new tradition was born and now this Winnipeg couple is giving back to their community through the creation of their wooden snowmen.

They’re cute! Kinda funny looking. Very festive. And all lit up. They’re the Christmas chickens of Owen Sound.

If you’re a military enthusiast, you may already be familiar with Operation Christmas Drop, the US military’s 70-yer-old humanitarian tradition.

She calls it a “kids and teens community from all over the world.” She is Mila White, the 12-year-old founder of Kid-to-Kid Education, where kids from around the world are paired with other kids to learn a new language.

Step aside Led Zeppelin. This is the Stairway to Heaven we’re talking about: Awwwww

Happy New Year Everyone!

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